Community Update – July 20, 2020

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On Sunday, July 12, Florida set a record for total new confirmed cases in the country at 15,000+ and an almost 20% positive confirmed to tested percentage. The numbers in Florida continue to rise well above the targets set by the White House COVID-19 Task Force for phased re-openings. Our country has the highest number of confirmed cases and the highest death rate in the world. We are doing the best we can following guidelines and protocols provided through Executive Orders, the CDC, AHCA, the DOH, and the NIAID/NIH. Community spread in our area is a major challenge in mitigating the risk to our residents and our staff.

This past week a beloved resident passed on due to COVID-19. As of 7/20/20, we have one resident of PMG in our “COVID” designated area on the PMG first floor. We also have two other COVID-19 positive residents in Lakeland Regional Hospital. We presently have three staff members who have been confirmed and are at their respective homes.

Our resident in residential living who was confirmed with COVID-19 at the beginning of the month is back on campus and doing well. All residents who participated in contact tracing relative to this occurrence were tested and all came back negative. We have instituted updated procedures for our community and amenity spaces to help keep our residents and staff safe.

Together with faith in God and seeking his help, guidance, protection, and finding peace through him, we will get through this. The wellbeing of our residents and staff continues to be our priority. We follow the clinical directives and protocols of the leading clinical experts in disease control and prevention as well as executive orders and our regulatory agencies. We take conservative approaches in every level of living seeking to minimize risk, exposure, and spread. We encourage staff (and residents) to seek out help and direction when they have questions or concerns . . . no one carries the burden on their own, together we can carry more than we can individually.

We continue to implore those around us to please stay safe; wear a mask; maintain social distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly. We are thankful for the dedication of our staff each and every day to protect our residents and each other.

Be well and stay well,

Joseph J. Xanthopoulos, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

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