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A note from our Executive Director and CEO, Joe X.:

As of today, April 27th, FPH has not had a resident or staff member with a confirmed COVID-19 test.

Much of our focus these days is on “social distancing” and differing opinions on when to re-open, how to re-open, and if to re-open. Here, at Florida Presbyterian Homes, we are closely aligned as an organization on one simple premise: the wellbeing of our residents and staff come first. This premise is supported by our Board and is consistent with who we are as a faith-centered organization. Residents and staff have all made significant changes and compromises in their lives in support of this one premise. We are united in this effort and that, along with prayer and faith, has made the difference to date.

Unfortunately, there is only so much that our residents and employee team members can control. This virus is unique. A person can be a carrier and never know it. More testing is needed, but even with amazing efforts to increase local testing, there is not enough to date to foster statistically viable projections in our county and state. FPH is in a good position regarding key personal protection equipment but things like alcohol wipes are scarce. We can’t control what others do regarding a re-opening. We will relax restrictions here based on clinical information from the CDC, FDOH, Dr. Fauci, our state associations, what we learn from colleague providers, and the experience and wisdom of our clinical leadership team. It may not always align with what others are doing.

We recognize and have prepared for, as best we can, the possibility that one day we, like so many other long-term care providers, may have to report a confirmed case of COVID19. Our prayers and efforts are to minimize the potential of this happening. We also pray for fellow long-term care providers and those they serve. Now more than ever is a time to work together and unite for the one sole purpose of protecting our most vulnerable generation, and the people who care for them.

Please continue remaining diligent and following protocols that mitigate exposure for our residents and staff. We ask families to be patient and to also continue to adhere to the protocols that are in place here. We are doing everything possible, including the use of the technology available to us, to connect our Assisted Living and Porter McGrath residents with loved ones.

Your continuing prayers are also greatly appreciated.

If you should have questions, comments, or concerns that I can help you with, please contact me, Joe X., at 863-577-6033 or at, and either I or one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. God bless you now and always!

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