December Wellness Star Awarded to Lifelong Event Planner

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Florida Presbyterian Homes has named resident Sally F. as the Wellness Star award winner for December 2020. This month’s wellness star focused on the social dimension of wellness, which can be defined as the type of relationships someone has and how interactions occur with that person and those around him or her.

Florida-Presbyterian-Wellness-Star-Award-Winner-for-December-2020Sally has always been a social person. Having four children kept her busy throughout her life, especially with planning family events such as birthday parties and gatherings with her children’s friends. Not only was she busy with her children, but also with entertaining for her husband’s business.

Sally’s event planning talents have extended beyond her family, as well. Once she moved to FPH, she immediately started planning activities and became the neighborhood’s social chair and chairman of the food committee. “Neighborhood events such as the soup, ice cream and hamburger socials were a lot of fun,” said Sally. “Planning for events is a great opportunity for me to get to know my neighbors.”

Sally shared that as people get older, they have a tendency to isolate. But, she has found that organizing social events helps her to interact with others on a more regular basis. “Being social is important because it keeps you young and helps keep your mind active,” said Sally.

When asked what wellness means to her, Sally said, “Wellness means to move and to do. It’s living a long and active life, not a sitting life!” Wise words from this month’s winner of the Wellness Star award. Congrats to Sally!


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