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P:40062a4006200_Arch_Central_2014_coxa.pdfApril 22, 2014: The Gresham team returned with beautiful revised concepts for the community center and Bungalow Court residential area. We were fortunate to have LRMC’s Dr. Haight, Associate Vice President of Community Health join us. We love his excitement and valuable insights as we explore the future of healthy aging together as a greater community. Today’s group included our Board’s strategic planning committee, several staff members and a few residents.

Major changes to the community center include eliminating the marketing offices (sorry, Marketing!) and increasing space for the micro clinic to deliver neighborhood healthcare. Will telemedicine be an option? Three of the four studios for hands on activities have been incorporated into one of the two buildings, with the fourth studio a stand alone, perfect for the woodshop. The large entry vestibule could be a great spot for an art gallery or maybe a fundraising kiosk? How many lockers will be needed? As mentioned before, there is potential for memberships that could provide funds for hiring more instructors for more classes and offerings. Details like this will have to be worked out later.

The revised bungalow court drawing showed ample walking paths and open spaces. It would also allow us room to possibly leave the pool where it is now and add a much needed therapy pool at the new community center. Angela showed us where we could get started right away with five new duplexes (10 new residences!)

View the bungalow court drawing, community center drawing and a 3D exterior perspective.

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