Honored Staff – 32, 31 and 28 Years of Memories at “The Homes”

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We continue the 60th anniversary celebration and appreciation by asking for memories from some of our dedicated long time employees. These three have served many residents through the years.







This month we spoke with:

• Linda Bryant – Accounting Supervisor who has been employed at FPH for 32 years.

• Diana McCourty – Head of Housekeeping who has been employed at FPH 31 years.

• Avis Powell – Nursing CNA who has been employed at FPH 28 years.

We ask them to remember their first day, a significant activity or day, or another memory. This is what they shared:

• What do you remember about your first day?

Linda: “There were many different buildings. I remember thinking I would never find my way around the facility. The accounting department was in the basement and below ground, all you could see were the cars skimming by the building each day. I was aware of some very close calls.”

Diana: “On my first day I was a little nervous. Just two weeks before I had moved from my native country, Jamaica. I was trying to get used to the cultural changes. Lillian Bailey was my mother and she was working here. As her daughter, staff and residents made me feel at home.”

Avis: “I was quite nervous but the staff was so welcoming as well as ALL of the residents.”

• Tell us about a memorable event or activity.

Linda: “One year the executive management staff and supervisors took the Homes bus to Ginny Springs in the Ocala area. Some cruised down the river on tubes while others prepared the food. We had a great team building day and really enjoyed spending the day together.”

Diana: “The funniest time was on Halloween.  I had never experienced anything like that before and had no costume. My supervisor Dean Woods put a clean mop on my head, gave me a gown and put a mop handle in my hand. I thought that was very funny.”

Avis: “On Halloween residents created and wore costumes. That was fun and interesting.”

• What was your favorite day or memory?

Linda: “When I started in 1983 we wrote checks by hand and typed all the monthly financial statements. All journals had written entries. In April computers arrived and what a difference they made. I learned very quickly, but it made for some very interesting days.”

Diana: My favorite memory at FPH was the day I became a US citizen. A surprise party was planned with co-workers and residents attending and congratulating me. I realized everyone was genuinely happy for me.”

Avis: “On Mother’s and Father’s Day I help residents dress to look their best; it helps both of us enjoy their special day. I was honored to be told how important I had been to a resident, that I played a big role.”

These dedicated employees also shared – “I love the residents and staff; it feels like we are one big family. The total of our great accounting staff is 59.50 years of service at the Homes.” “I am so happy to be a part of the FPH team and to be here for the residents.” “It’s been a privilege to get to know residents, but it’s been hard to lose residents that I learned to love.”

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