Honored Staff – 35 and 36 Years of Memories at “The Homes”

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We continue our 60th anniversary celebration and appreciation by asking for memories from some of our dedicated long time employees. These three ladies have been here a long time and served many residents through the years: Ann Smith, Receptionist, 36 years with FPH; Barbara Collins, Executive Assistant and Martha Pitts, LPN in Assisted Living, both with 35 years at FPH.

• What do you remember about your first day?

Ann: “I started at FPH by working in the health center. I was very young but quickly realized how much I appreciated being in a place where I could help the elderly and work with the residents.”

Barbara: “Actually my first day was at the Presbyterian Nursing Center (PNC), when it was on Lakeland Hills Blvd. That day was a challenge, as I was just getting back in the work force after many years of being a stay at home Mom. My first day at the Lake Hunter campus was exciting; I moved into a new position. I especially enjoyed getting acquainted and working with other staff members as well as the Lake Hunter residents. The Lord has blessed me with many years of service at FPH.”

Martha: “I remember getting lost in the parking lot and Rev. Bob Hollett escorted me to the chapel!”

• What was your funniest event or other activity?

Ann: “I gave a resident a shower and shampooed her hair. I noticed that her hair was very dry and put some Vaseline on it thinking it would make it look better. It didn’t do what I thought it would and her daughter wanted to know ‘what happened to Mother’s hair?!’”

Barbara: “While at PNC I won a local radio contest for Secretary of the Year during Secretary’s Week. My supervisor recommended me and it was a great surprise!”

Martha: “We all love the Halloween celebrations when residents and staff dressed up. I especially remember a resident dressing in knee socks, shorts and a funny hat. I’ve also heard from Health Center residents about “Gus” who appears to residents after a death. They tell of seeing him in his top hat!”

• Memories of a favorite day or activity:

Ann: “My favorite memories are of the unity of the staff, our team work and caring for each other; but most of all, our residents!”

Martha: “A favorite day was when we admitted our first Health Center residents. Everything was new and so beautiful.”

• Other thoughts they shared:

Barbara: “Getting to know our residents has been an enriching experience through the years. Their memories of growing up as part of the ‘Greatest Generation’, their life experiences and histories are so interesting. Being a small part of their lives now in their golden years is a true blessing. We have the best staff here at FPH; they truly care about our residents and also each other.”

Martha: “My mother was a resident here. I remember the wonderful care she received. When she died, I received many cards and well wishes from staff and residents.”

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