How to Choose a Retirement Community

When choosing where you want to live, it’s helpful to plan ahead. Start by visiting and comparing several retirement communities, and be sure to make good financial plans early. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Ask around. You may already know a friend or family member who has moved to a retirement community – there is nothing better than hearing firsthand about his or her experiences, likes and dislikes. When choosing a retirement community, you will also have to decide which type of senior living option best fits your lifestyle. Independent Living residences are well suited for seniors who can take care of themselves, while Assisted Living offers additional services such as help with meals, bathing, dressing and medications. At Florida Presbyterian Homes, we offer a broad continuum of care.

Make a list of what you want. Each retirement community has its own culture, and it’s important to choose a place where you feel at home. Do you prefer an upscale, formal environment, or a more relaxed, casual setting? Do you favor a very social and active lifestyle, or do you value privacy instead? Once you’ve made your list (don’t forget to list your favorite pastimes, clubs, groups and events), compare the retirement community options and narrow your search based on what you want. View a full list of our on-site amenities.

Explore online. Many retirement communities will have a website with a wealth of information about their community – pictures, descriptions of their senior-living options, amenities and services. This information is a good place to start to help you decide which retirement communities you want to visit.

Make a budget. Keeping up to date on your finances (retirement accounts, bank accounts, stock portfolios, mortgage and insurance policies) will give you an idea of the type of retirement communities you can afford. Calculate the cost of living in the retirement communities you are considering, including the entrance fee and recurring monthly fee, both of which will depend on the type of senior residence you choose. You may also have to pay additional fees for any extra services and amenities.

Determine your healthcare needs. One of the biggest benefits of a retirement community is quality healthcare. Depending on the community, different levels of senior care are offered, ranging from light housekeeping and maintenance to memory care services. Make sure the retirement community you select can provide you with the healthcare services best suited to your needs. Choose a retirement community that not only can take care of you now, but also offers excellent future care should you need it. We offer a continuum of care, including our Skilled Nursing services.

Visit the campus. Taking a tour is the best way to experience a retirement community. Choose at least five different communities you’d like to see. When you arrive, make a note of your first impression. Are the facilities bright and clean? Do you like the campus? Do residents seem friendly? Talk to current residents to find out how they like living in the community, and talk to the staff to get a good idea of how they treat their residents. Before leaving, make sure to ask about monthly fees, available services, transportation, rules for pets and visitors, security and medical and nursing staff.

Get an information package. The tour guide will probably offer you a community information guide. Ask for one if they don’t.

Choosing the right retirement community is a very important decision. We encourage you to make an appointment with one of our representatives to learn how Florida Presbyterian Homes can personally tailor your retirement to you.

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