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July 15, 2014 Board of Directors Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

The group spent a good amount of time focused on the new community/wellness center at the beginning of this meeting. That is what we will share in this post.

An operating costs proforma was reviewed showing how paid memberships could support programming and operation of the building. Bud Karins suggested findings from a scientific study could provide realistic expectations as far as offerings that folks would be willing to pay for, and other useful data. Mindful of the residents who live here currently, Skip Frye suggested there are many ways to compromise. For example, some programs or time slots could be reserved for residents, others open to paying members. Some activities, such as a lecture, could be open the general community and reinforce our image as a leader in senior living.

Board chair Harry Pettit clarified that we have to plan for the future. “Stewardship and governance are the same thing,” he declared. He pointed out that allowing the community to be involved on our campus is how we provide community benefit/social accountability, which is how we protect our tax exempt/nonprofit status.

Members briefly discussed building the whole design all at once or in pieces, but the majority of attendees expressed that it should be done all at once.

Additional discussion included what and how information about the community center has been shared with residents, and Judy Denlinger reminded us that we need to do so graciously.

Executive director John Hehn has been looking into feasibility studies and market research options, and will continue to look for the right solution for FPH.

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