Micro clinic concept emerges for new community center

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April 4, 2014: Gresham, Smith & Partners architects Angela Holcomb and Matthew Harrell, along with researcher Sheila Bosch joined a group of board members, staff and residents in the board room at FPH. They presented two initial concepts for the new community center: a 4 building option and a 2 building option. A lively discussion ensued for several hours.

Should we incorporate a micro-clinic into the community center? With healthcare reform in full swing, will neighborhood healthcare keep folks out of the hospital? With healthy aging a priority, could this be a training ground for healthcare delivery in Central Florida? Will there be room for rehab services? How many parking spaces? Can there be a drop off driveway? How much space is really needed for yard games? Flexible walls needed for hospitality and flexible activity rooms/studios. What kind of pool?

At this point it made sense for Gresham to start planning the residential needs adjacent to the community center to keep the “flow.” Some older inventory homes in this area will be torn down, many are already vacant, and beautiful new duplexes will be built, with planned green space and walkways. This is the Bungalow Court section we’ve been referring to. The challenge? Blending into the historic Dixieland neighborhood we reside in. Residents prefer garages but carports are more historic-looking. Alleyways raise the costs and eliminate green space.

The group disbanded for a few hours and returned to view new concepts whipped up by the Gresham team, then more discussion.

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