Resident Association President’s Message – October 2015

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Bob Bourquein

Bob Bourquein

With the arrival of October, the wandering residents of Florida Presbyterian Homes will have returned from their summer trips and cooler weather will prevail. As we enter the winter months, please think personal exercise and active social life.

According to Brigham Young University psychologist Julianne Holt-Lunstad, “highly social people have a 50% better chance of survival than loners over a period of several years”.

“While exercise is no panacea, it does confer plenty of benefits as we age. When Cardiff University epidemiologist Peter Elwood tracked the health outcomes of more than 1,600 people older than 45, he identified regular exercise as a key habit that reduced people’s risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease in old age.” (1)

The staff members of Florida Presbyterian Homes have devised programs in which we can participate and which will enable us to achieve and maintain active aging. On pages 4 and 5 of the September Lake Hunter Herald are several articles on some of the wellness and rehabilitation activities provided at the Homes, including: Wellness Manager, Alison Kennedy, announced Fall Prevention Classes which started in September. Should you need advice, Alison will gladly address your personal needs.

Kim Giroski, Director of Rehabilitation, presented an article on “Recover, Rejuvenate, Retain”–Functional Conditioning with Cardiac Precautions, which restores a patient to optimal functional capacity. (2) Maryon Bramley, Wellness Committee Chair, has exciting monthly articles on resident participation events at the Homes.

Announcements concerning wellness matters are also provided in Touchtown, Now Read This, Chat with John, on bulletin boards, announcements at lunch and in the Resident Council and Association meetings.

So, become involved with your health; attend exercise and preventive classes held by Alison; join in activities sponsored by the Wellness Committee; feel secure in the knowledge that our Rehabilitation facility can provide support when you need it.

Be a Wellness Star as inspired by our residents including Ken Parks, Jeanett Chattin and Pat Swails.

Keep healthy – you too, can be the life of the party for your friends, family and loved ones!

— Bob Bourquein, Association President


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