Physical Therapy at FPH – A Resident’s Experience

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In late October Joan and I were returning from a reunion in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was driving and trying to make the trip back quickly, so I was not stopping often, as I should. A few days after returning, I had tremendous pain in my left leg. Upon checking with my family physician he indicated I had irritated my sciatic nerve, which evidently runs from the top of the spine to the lower part of each leg. He said this was probably caused by not stopping frequently on my return trip. After receiving cortisone shots and medication, which did not reduce the pain, he suggested physical therapy.

My first thought was where to go and receive physical therapy. Fortunately, I asked Kay Henry, RN, our Director of Community Life Services, where to find a good place to get physical therapy. She said why didn’t I check with Florida Presbyterian’s Rehab Department. They could check and see if my insurance would cover some of the expense. My ignorance of all the services available to us was apparent, for I had to ask Kay where the Rehab Department was located.

I then went to Rehab where Terri Bradford verified my insurance coverage and scheduled an evaluation of my condition with Helen Present, Staff Physical Therapist. Helen, with a Masters in Physical Therapy, has extensive knowledge of the human body’s nerve and muscular system and the physical therapy required to correct imbalances within the body. For 3 weeks I have received PT from Helen and her assistant, Robyn McDonald, resulting in significant reduction of pain. Both Helen and Robyn have indicated I will need to continue the exercise program outlined for me. My Doctor also reconfirmed the need to continue this program. I recommend anyone requiring rehab or physical therapy to utilize our Rehab Department.

—Roger Cripe

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