Hear from Our Senior Residents

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When you join our caring retirement community, you’ll see the difference we make in your life and the lives of our other residents. We appreciate what our  community residents have to say about us. There are many reasons why our retirement community is a great place to call home.

Comments from our Active 55+ Community:

Question: How would you rate your move in experience?
“Excellent. Anything needed was provided. Terri and others were attentive to every request or perceived need. I had excellent help in planning and carrying out the move, and I wasn’t stressed!”
“Excellent. Marketing & Maintenance Depts were very helpful & made the move as trouble free as they could.”
“Great-Very happy with all your staff and the help I requested and received.”
“After 36 years in the previous house this was a difficult move-however it is working out well.”
Question: What do you like best about your residence?
“Everything is new and nice.”
“Privacy of location”
“Friendliness of staff & neighbors / Plenty of storage space”
“location in a court, size, neighbors, having a garage-with storage as well”
“The view of Lake Hunter; spacious new apartment; wonderful shower!”
“location, cheery staff”
“Everything- Layout, size, storage-Lawn care-location and fantastic service-wonderful staff-and allowing me to have my dogs with me”

After 25 years at FPH, I know it was the right choice for us/me. At age 90, I’m thankful for the security, fellowship and activities of FPH through these years. We traveled widely, visited family, Disney and Florida while Security watched our home. Classes with a trainer and emphasis on wellness have been challenging and kept me in great shape. Aerobics, treadmill, walking and daily swims are routine. A few crises – yes; however, I was cared for in our 5-star nursing facility. I continue to love life here and am glad I came at age 67.

FPH is important for me because I needed a place in my town where I was safe, secure and could make new friends. I have no family in the state.

Following seven years in Auburndale and 10 in Winter Haven, our five children were in as many states. FPH just seemed the perfect place for us. Friendly feeling between residents and staff.
Will & Fay

I love living here – feel safe, good fellowship, great Board of Directors, CEO, who always explain everything to residents. Wonderful caring staff, always helpful.

Independent living gives us freedom from caring for the inside and outside of our home.

I love the friendships that are present on campus – both with residents and staff. And if I need assistance of any kind, the staff is ready and able to care for my concerns.

I like living here because I know my needs will be met when and if I need help. The atmosphere of FPH is a loving, caring, Christian family one, linking employees and residents together. Services provided include everything I need – maintenance inside and outside my house, landscaping, dining, emotional support, spiritual stimulation and worship, mental stimulation through volunteer opportunities, education and cultural activities, friends who care, and the assurance that all my needs can be met as my physical and mental health may change and require more care.

We enjoy living here because of its convenience to stores, restaurants, etc. Also the availability of activities and the friendliness and concern of neighbors is special.

I like the community feeling of a friendly neighborhood. Neighbors are one big family that communicate with each other and help each other. Community not only includes the resident but also the staff.

Living at FPH has removed the stress from my life. I no longer have to worry about yard work or home repairs because Maintenance takes care of EVERYTHING!

I appreciate the staff at FPH because of their consideration for our needs – whatever they may be – whether it’s a home maintenance problem or a health problem, (exercise, first aid, entertainment, transportation, flu shots, etc.). In addition, executive staff has very good communication skills.

I know I am never alone at FPH, yet can enjoy my privacy!

The great thing about living here is the feeling of being a part of a large, warm, caring family.

I appreciate the attention the office and maintenance staff gives to my requests.

What I like most at FPH is the FLEXIBILITY: Basic living needs are met (housing, food, activities), and there’s a wide variety of activities, freedom of choice (i.e., no pressure to participate), compassion for our deepest needs and willingness to innovate.

FPH is a friendly, intelligent community.

I feel like I have a lot of friends here who really care about me when they don’t see me around. Phone calls keep us in touch.

We came eight years ago and knew only one person; we are now members of a family.

We’ve been here for three years and it is now HOME. Our kids are very glad we are here because of the long-term care. They are scattered but visit occasionally, and call often. Thanks for email and phones.

I like being as independent as I wish. But when I need help such as transportation, food, health center, etc., it is there.

We came here because it was a faith community. Now, living here, the love between residents and staff is obvious.
Earle and Katie

I feel just like Dorothy did when she said, “There’s no place like home.” In my home at FPH, I feel safe, secure, needed and loved.

We are family – a spiritual spirited family. Residents and staff have one overriding rule – the Golden Rule! FPH is the bargain of a lifetime – financially, physically, and spiritually.

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